Planet41 Mobi-Venture Ltd. is a mobile technology development and trading company. With the growth of smartphone’s penetration in India, the VR is new buzz in the field of entertainment and advertising. Planet41 is among the pioneer companies who are actively working in VR content, VR App and VR device development.

Our goal is to put VR content creation in the hands of the average consumer, a strategy he refers to as “VR for everyone.”

We are a team of passionate aspirants who believe in bringing Virtual Reality to everyone. Therefore, we created the India's first 3D and 180° stereoscopic consumer app and device. This small, portable device empowers anyone to easily capture experiences with true depth and peripheral sight in order to create an immersive reality to share with everyone.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive video experience. Now you can watch 2D/3D movies with a wide field of view. VR is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with. With VR BoxOffice App you can capture your own real environments and play it back in VR BoxOffice headsets.

Do I need a VR headset to watch the experience?

YES, all you need is a smartphone and VR Headset to experience motion tracking, a feature intrinsic to the VR experience. Our app in iOS and Android converts your video content in real time to get Movie Theatre experience anywhere you are and full VR immersion with 3D.

What is the difference between Planet VR BoxCam and the Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift is a VR headset which serves as a display device. VR BoxOffice is a Mobile App + Headset combination which serves as VR video player app and using headset experience large screen viewing of 2D/3D and Panoramic content.

Why 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees?

Capturing in 180 degrees has many benefits in regards to portability, storytelling, shooting, and scalability. With 180 degrees you still give the immersion, but limit the user to the right content and field of view. 180 degrees allows you to do normal point-and-shoot without capturing yourself or other things you don’t want to capture. Additionally, 180 degrees is scalable into 360, but 360 is difficult to reduce down in form factor.

  • Full Fledged Virtual Reality Anywhere

How to Tranfser Content

  • Connect your iPhone 6 to your computer and start iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone and go to Apps -> File Sharing -> VR Boxoffice.
  • Drag and drop .mp4 / .mov video files into the list of documents.
  • Video Content in 720p resolution are best for watching in the VR Boxoffice.
Android Phones
  • Connect your Android phone via USB cable and open Android file transfer.
  • Create a folder VR Boxoffice on your phone at folder level.
  • Drag and drop any .mp4 video file into this folder.
  • Video Content in 720p resolution are best for watching in the VR Boxoffice.

VRBoxOffice Future

How to Use

  • Copy your MP4 movies via iTunes file sharing or Android File Transfer to your smartphone and instantly watch your videos from your phone’s video content folders.
  • Select your video and play.
  • Insert your phone into VR Glasses (Headset) sold separately by VR BoxOffice on our website and online stores like Amazon, Flipkart and PayTM.
  • Wear the headset and enjoy your videos in a Movie Theatre experience.
  • You can also turn on your phone camera through the app and enjoy live view with Virtual Reality.

More future additions to VRBoxOffice

  • Integration with magnet.
  • Ability to stream online videos.
  • In-App Movies/Videos on Demand.
  • Live TV
  • Support for more video formats.
  • We will be adding more features and 2D to 3D conversion functions in near future.

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